Asian Paints enlists the star power of Deepika Padukone and Karan Johar to elevate the glamour quotient of Royale Glitz.

August 28, 2023


The new Royale Glitz film beautifully captures the whimsical relationship between Deepika Padukone and the Glitz wall.

Royale Glitz, the latest sensation from Asian Paints, has taken the spotlight for all the right reasons. This opulent paint selection, boasting an ultra-sheen finish and impeccable crack-free performance, adorns walls with a seamless and exquisite appearance built to withstand the test of time. Asian Paints adds an extra layer of allure with a fresh advertisement that injects cinematic glitz and opulence into your living spaces.

In this commercial, the spotlight falls on the brand's ambassador, Deepika Padukone, who embodies a glam action girl persona, much like the Royale Glitz itself in the realm of luxury paints. Adding a surprising twist, the film also features celebrity director Karan Johar.

The new Royale Glitz film beautifully captures the whimsical relationship between Deepika Padukone and the Glitz wall. The advertisement kicks off with an intriguing action sequence where Deepika, elegantly attired and adeptly taking on adversaries in her own living room, catches our attention. Amidst this high-octane scene, a flurry of glass and objects hurtle towards her, skillfully dodged as they collide with the wall behind her. As the scene unfolds, it is revealed to be part of a movie being directed by none other than Karan Johar, adding an unexpected layer of reality to the narrative.

After the scene, Deepika anticipates Karan's applause for her performance, but in an amusing twist, it's the walls that #StealTheSpotlight. Karan Johar is captivated by the paint's crack-free performance and enchanted by its finish and sheen. While Deepika is initially taken aback, she soon joins in, turning her attention to admire the remarkable wall.

The advertisement's artful execution of 'a film within a film,' seamlessly transitioning from fantasy to reality at a crucial moment, is truly remarkable. The playful interaction between the wall, Deepika, and Karan intricately weaves a captivating storyline. Amidst the backdrop of harmonious decor, the infusion of grandeur and modernity heightens the film's impact, captivating the audience and crafting a strong aspiration to possess the showcased product.

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