Bharti Singh Radiates Joy This Diwali with FirstCry's Festive Collection for Kids

October 30, 2023


As the festive season illuminates homes across the country, comedian and television personality Bharti Singh shares her joy of celebrating Diwali with her little one, affectionately known as Golla. In a heartwarming Instagram post, Bharti expressed her delight in dressing up her adorable son in a charming ethnic kurta from FirstCry's festive wear collection, adding an extra sparkle to their Diwali celebrations this year.

Bharti's thoughtful choice of an orange bird-printed ethnic kurta reflects the vibrant spirit of the festival, while the emphasis on the kurta's super-soft fabric and soothing colors underlines the importance of comfort for young children during festive occasions. Her endorsement of FirstCry's vast variety of festive wear for kids resonates with parents, emphasizing the brand's commitment to style, comfort, and quality.

FirstCry, a leading destination for parenting and baby care needs, has won Bharti's trust with its impressive array of vibrant and comfortable clothing options for children. Bharti's endorsement of the brand's festive collection highlights the joy that parents can experience in selecting the perfect attire for their little ones, ensuring they look and feel their best during special occasions.

To spread the festive cheer even further, Bharti generously shares a discount code, BHARTIDW50, granting her followers an exclusive 50% off on fashion and 45% off on everything else, encouraging them to embrace the spirit of Diwali with FirstCry's exceptional offerings. Her warm Diwali wishes to her followers add a personal touch, fostering a sense of community and shared happiness during this auspicious time.

The outpouring of love and admiration from her followers in the comments section reinforces the heartfelt connection Bharti has established with her audience. With her endearing portrayal of motherhood and her little Golla's charming presence, Bharti spreads joy not only through her comedic performances but also through her celebration of special moments with her family.

As Bharti Singh and her little one radiate joy and warmth this Diwali, their shared moments serve as a reminder of the joy that the festival brings to families across the nation. With FirstCry's support, Bharti's Diwali celebrations are certain to be filled with even more laughter and cherished memories, setting an example for parents seeking the perfect festive attire for their little ones.

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