Britannia Milk Bikis' "Growth Needs Both" Campaign Highlights the Equal Role of Parents in Child Upbringing

September 14, 2023


In today's rapidly evolving society, the responsibility of nurturing and raising a child is no longer limited to just mothers; fathers are now stepping into more significant and interchangeable roles. Britannia Milk Bikis, in an effort to exemplify the modern-day parenting dynamics, has brought together a Tamil family in their latest campaign, showcasing a couple who equally contribute to the well-being and development of their children.

The "Growth Needs Both" campaign by Britannia Milk Bikis seeks to encourage a societal shift towards recognizing and appreciating the equal roles that both parents play in nurturing and raising their children. It is a poignant reminder that successful child upbringing thrives on the partnership between mothers and fathers, just like the delightful partnership between children and their favorite biscuits.

Amit Doshi, the Chief Marketing Officer at Britannia Industries, emphasized, "Just like Milk Bikis, which serves as both a source of enjoyment and an essential element in a child's growth, the equal involvement of both parents is crucial for a child's overall success. Our campaign transcends traditional parenting stereotypes and celebrates true parenting partnerships, where both mothers and fathers share an equal responsibility in shaping their children's lives. We are thrilled to have Prithi and Ashwin on board to convey the message that 'Growth Needs Both,' and we hope it inspires families to move beyond traditional family roles."

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