"Revolutionising Finance: Capri Global Capital's 'Farz Nibhaatey Hain' Campaign with Pankaj Tripathi Takes India by Storm!"

September 16, 2023


In a strategic move, a prominent non-banking financial company has introduced its groundbreaking 'Farz Nibhaatey Hain' brand campaign, reinforcing its unwavering commitment to fostering credit inclusion. Crafted by a renowned marketing agency, this versatile omnichannel campaign delivers a compelling and emotionally charged message, placing a strong emphasis on the company's dedication to addressing the financial needs of underserved segments in India.

This campaign, which originates from the creative minds at the marketing agency, effectively highlights the core values of the institution while aligning with its mission of promoting inclusive financial growth. The campaign's centerpiece features a widely recognized figure, adding a relatable touch to the promotion of the institution's specialized financial products. These offerings cater to micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and gold loan seekers.

With a comprehensive reach strategy, this integrated campaign is poised to make a significant impact through various media channels, including television, over-the-top (OTT) platforms, and YouTube. In addition to traditional channels, the campaign encompasses a well-thought-out digital media strategy and on-ground activations. Furthermore, the institution plans to harness the influence of social media personalities to extend its campaign's reach to a wider audience.

Speaking about the rationale behind this ambitious brand campaign, the institution's Chief Marketing Officer emphasized its dual purpose. "The 'Farz Nibhaatey Hain' campaign not only mirrors our strong financial foundations but, more importantly, underscores our ability to pave the way for resilience that drives growth and instills confidence among our valued customers. We firmly believe that it is our duty to uplift society by creating abundant opportunities and facilitating seamless access to credit. With multiple touchpoints, we are confident that this campaign will significantly enhance our brand's standing."

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