RJ Mahvash Teams Up with JBL India to Mute the World with Style

October 20, 2023


In a world where the noise can sometimes be overwhelming, finding a way to create your own bubble of peace and enjoyment becomes a necessity. RJ Mahvash, known for her wit and humor, has partnered with JBL India to present an exclusive offer for her followers, inviting them to experience a world of perfect silence with the JBL Noise Cancelling Headphone

Mahvash took to her Instagram handle to announce the collaboration with JBL India, accompanied by her trademark charm and a dash of humor. Her recent post echoed the sentiment of tuning out the world's noise, encouraging her followers to embrace their festivities and celebrations in a world of their own creation.

"Kuch toh log kahenge… logon ka kaam hai kehna! But JBL Noise Cancelling Headphones ke saath, sarey shor ko MUTE kar dena," she exclaimed in her post.

The partnership provides her followers with an exclusive discount of 10% on the purchase of JBL Tune Series and JBL Tour One M2 using the code "JBLXRJMAHVASH" on the JBL website. The offer, valid until 20th November 2023, has sparked a wave of excitement among her fan base, encouraging them to grab the opportunity to not just mute the noise, but to elevate their celebration experience with the finest sound quality and style.

In an era where trends shift swiftly, RJ Mahvash's collaboration with JBL India is not just about promoting a product, but about curating an experience that resonates with her followers. Her association with JBL not only highlights the quality of the products but also underscores the significance of finding moments of tranquility in a bustling world.

The "Mute The World" campaign, resonating with the hashtag #JBLHeadphones, has garnered attention from her followers, making waves across various social media platforms. This unique partnership between the renowned RJ Mahvash and JBL India emphasizes the significance of balancing entertainment and serenity in the daily hustle and bustle of life.

As her followers gear up to "MUTE THE WORLD" and "unmute their festivities," Mahvash continues to inspire her audience to embrace life's moments with a touch of elegance and a pinch of laughter. The collaboration with JBL India is not just about headphones; it's about creating a space where one can relish the beauty of sound, laughter, and cherished moments in the chaos of the modern world.

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