Cheil India's Latest Campaign Puts the Spotlight on Samsung Galaxy A14 5G's 'Voice Focus' Feature, Solving India's Noise Pollution Woes"

September 6, 2023


Cheil India has recently unveiled a fresh advertising campaign to showcase the innovative 'Voice Focus' feature in the recently launched Samsung Galaxy A14 5G smartphone. The campaign revolves around the idea of addressing the ubiquitous issue of noise pollution in Indian cities, encapsulated in the tagline "Shor No More."

The campaign's central objective is to generate excitement and interest around the Galaxy A14 5G's 'Voice Focus' feature. It centers its narrative on the cacophony prevalent in Indian urban environments and how this feature empowers users to effectively filter out disruptive background noises, hence the campaign's tagline, "Shor No More."

Commenting on the campaign, a representative from Samsung stated, "Samsung has consistently been a pioneer in innovation, striving to make technology accessible and appealing to a wide audience. In line with our commitment to prepare India for the future, we introduced the Galaxy A14 5G, a smartphone that offers a comprehensive 5G experience to Indian consumers, complete with a range of exciting features. The innovative 'Voice Focus' feature in the Galaxy A14 5G was developed with the Indian consumer and context in mind. This unique functionality eliminates ambient noise from the surroundings, enhancing the clarity of the user's voice even in noisy environments. We have also made the Galaxy A14 5G more affordable for consumers, with ownership options as low as INR 44 per day, aligning with our philosophy that 'Awesome is for Everyone'

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