Club Mahindra's New Brand Film, #HappyHolidaysHappyFamilies, Explores Magical Vacations Through the Eyes of Children

September 12, 2023


Club Mahindra has unveiled its latest brand film, titled #HappyHolidaysHappyFamilies, which shines a spotlight on the joy of vacations through the eyes of children. Launched during the Asia Cup Series in September, this campaign aligns perfectly with the brand's mission of creating unforgettable family holiday experiences. It highlights the idea of offering children enriching adventures while they explore the wonders of India alongside their families.

The heartwarming film begins with a conversation between two school friends. One fondly reminisces about her exciting vacation and all the incredible adventures, while the other friend vividly imagines and immerses herself in those very experiences. By placing children at the center of the narrative, the film beautifully captures the role of travel in a child's life and their natural curiosity to discover new horizons.

Pratik Mazumder, Chief Marketing Officer of Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited, shares his thoughts on the campaign, stating, "Our new campaign, #HappyHolidaysHappyFamilies, not only celebrates the remarkable moments families can enjoy at our resorts but also acknowledges the storytelling prowess of children. At Club Mahindra, we prioritize crafting magical experiences for children and reimagining their holiday adventures. We firmly believe that when children are content, families find happiness, and this campaign exemplifies that sentiment."

Club Mahindra boasts an extensive network of 125+ resorts spread across diverse landscapes, including mountains, deserts, beaches, jungles, and backwaters. The brand offers families the opportunity to embark on magical vacations. At the heart of these resorts lies the Happy Hub, an in-house activity center designed around the philosophy of 'Do, Learn, Connect.' It provides an array of exciting games, adventurous activities, and engaging learning experiences for kids, enhancing the overall holiday experience for the entire family.

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