Diesel and Pop Star King Redefine Timekeeping with the Debut of VR-Designed Diesel Vert Collection"

October 14, 2023


Diesel has teamed up with the renowned pop sensation King for the grand introduction of their innovative timepiece line, Diesel Vert. The remarkable collection is the result of a groundbreaking collaboration, where Diesel merged the realms of virtual reality and traditional watch design.

In a momentous event that seamlessly intertwined the realms of fashion, technology, and music, the esteemed lifestyle brand Diesel launched its trailblazing Vert series of watches. This visionary line, produced in conjunction with the celebrated Indian musician and pop icon King, caused ripples in both physical and digital spheres. Breaking new ground in the domain of virtual reality-crafted timepieces, the Diesel Vert collection was unveiled in a spectacular event hosted at the Jio World Drive in Mumbai, affirming Diesel's pioneering status in the industry.

The Vert Collection stands as a true testament to Diesel's commitment to innovation, embodying a seamless blend of organic and futuristic aesthetics. Designed using cutting-edge virtual reality technology, the collection, a part of Diesel's forward-thinking Metamorph series, seamlessly bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds, showcasing a distinctly unique aesthetic appeal.

Featuring a substantial 44 mm case, the watches are available in three distinct color variants - black, gold, and silver - each accompanied by a stainless steel strap bracelet and a three-hand date movement. The exclusive limited edition (DZ2183), with only 700 units available globally, boasts an exquisite design with contrasting leather black inlay accents, making it a coveted addition to any collection.

The much-anticipated launch event, graced by the presence of King and Mr. Verghese, the Managing Director of Fossil Group - India, drew the attention of prominent influencers, guests, and leading media outlets, solidifying the buzz surrounding Diesel's latest offering. Mr. Verghese, shedding light on the creative process behind the Vert Collection, emphasized Diesel's dedication to fostering individual identity, stressing that each timepiece is a unique expression of personal style and innovation.

The event continued with a mesmerizing launch film, offering attendees a sneak peek into the captivating design of the Vert Collection. Featuring a visually arresting 3D mannequin adorned with the striking Vert watch, the film's futuristic setting elevated the distinctive essence of the collection, setting a new standard for horological marketing.

The collaboration with King, an emerging force in India's music landscape, added an extra layer of excitement to the event. Following the film reveal, King, echoing his affinity for bold and audacious design, personally showcased the Diesel Vert Collection, further reinforcing the collection's appeal and its resonance with his personal style and artistic expression.

In a bid to extend the immersive experience beyond physical timepieces, Diesel introduced 'Metamorph,' an engaging virtual world adventure developed in partnership with pioneering media-tech artists from Artificial Rome. Set against the backdrop of the Vert collection's design elements, 'Metamorph' invites global enthusiasts to explore breathtaking landscapes and undertake various challenges through their personalized A:VERT:AR avatars, culminating in a virtual concert featuring the renowned artist Lil Dre.

The Diesel Vert Collection is now available at select Diesel boutiques, as well as through a range of online and offline retailers, with prices starting from INR 27,995. For any further information or inquiries, reach out to the team at newsteam@afaqs.com. Discover the future of timekeeping with Diesel Vert!

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