Google's "Yeh Kisne Dhoonda?" OOH Campaign Ignites Curiosity in Delhi and Mumbai

September 16, 2023


Google is aiming to pique the curiosity of residents in Delhi and Mumbai with its latest out-of-home (OOH) campaign, titled "Yeh kisne dhoonda?" which translates to "Who searched for this?" This creative campaign has been introduced in India's bustling metro cities, Delhi and Mumbai.

The campaign presents thought-provoking questions that have been raised by users on Google. These questions include intriguing inquiries like "how to be your own favorite," "how to get my cat's attention," and "how many k's does Kiran have," among others.

Through its clever and humorous approach, the campaign encourages city dwellers to share their own guesses or answers to these "curious" questions and embark on a quest to identify the individuals behind such queries. At its core, this creative OOH campaign underscores Google's position as the go-to platform where anyone can find answers to virtually any question, no matter how trivial it may seem.

The primary message behind this initiative is to highlight Google's pivotal role as the ultimate source of information for inquisitive minds. Leading the charge in bringing this campaign to life are the creative agencies Talented and The New Thing, further exemplifying Google's innovative approach to outdoor advertising.

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