Karan Johar Joins Sebamed's #pHmatters Campaign to Promote Baby Care Range

September 11, 2023


Karan Johar, the celebrated filmmaker, and devoted parent, has recently become a part of Sebamed's latest campaign, #pHmatters, aimed at promoting their baby care portfolio. Sebamed, a well-established German personal care brand has introduced this campaign to emphasize the significance of pH balance right from day 1 in baby care products.

In this heartfelt campaign, Karan Johar openly shares his personal parenting experiences, particularly during the early days when his children, Ruhi and Yash, were born. He delves into the challenges he faced and the crucial decisions he had to make as a parent.

Sebamed's baby care products, formulated with the highest quality ingredients and maintaining a pH level of 5.5, are firmly grounded in evidence-based science. This aspect simplifies parents' decision-making process, ensuring that they choose products that are safe and effective for their little ones.

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