Nykaa Unveils Heartwarming Campaign: 'Kya Khoob Lagte Ho'

September 3, 2023


Nykaa, the leading beauty and cosmetics brand, has unveiled its latest campaign, 'Kya Khoob Lagte Ho,' a series of four touching films directed by renowned ad filmmaker Prasoon Pandey.

These four poignant films aim to strike a deep emotional chord with viewers, highlighting the power of sincere compliments and their ability to uplift and transform. Nykaa's campaign is a celebration of everyday life and relationships, shedding light on the beauty that lies in one's unguarded and authentic self, particularly in the eyes of loved ones.

The 'Kya Khoob Lagte Ho' films capture the essence of this idea through relatable situations that resonate on a personal level while remaining universally relevant. The stories feature unique exchanges between individuals who share special bonds, including a mother and daughter, a soon-to-be-married couple, a sibling duo, and a class teacher with her students.

Nykaa's 'Kya Khoob Lagte Ho' campaign encourages audiences to embrace a definition of beauty that transcends mere appearances, emphasizing the importance of what the heart truly perceives. These heartfelt films are now available across digital and social channels, offering a heartwarming perspective on the beauty that exists in the authenticity of our relationships.

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